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what eduvacations clients say

Latin America
North America


What People are Saying about Guadeloupe:

" I would really like to do this again. It's a nice place. I got to try lots of creole dishes; my host was a very good cook. And sometimes we talked until midnight. It helped me so much to improve my language. Plus I went diving, and it was great. It was all better than I expected; for me it was perfect!" Sonnia, USA

"Two weeks of total immersion was quite an experience… I did learn a lot with only 3-5 students in class. I loved the weather. And the excursions, they really went out of their way to come up with good ones." Karen, USA

"We had a wonderful trip, a great time! The family was fantastic. And Marika and her team were really good; I was impressed with them." Virginia, her husband, and son, USA

“The beaches were postcard picturesque, the music festival was informative as well as entertaining, and I improved my French. The teachers were competent and helpful. The excursions were very educational and adventurous. I could not have asked for much more in a vacation.” Patricia, USA



What People are Saying about Annecy:

“ Annecy is a beautiful city. I loved the people. I loved every bit of it! Ifalpes is top notch! They worked very hard for us. I recommend them highly." Paula, USA

"I had a fabulous time! I signed up for an extra week." Ellen, USA

"Things are great here!" D'jeanane, USA

What People are Saying about Roanne
“ I learned so much; the cooking class was great!” Tess, USA

"It was fabulous, just wonderful! The people I met were great. It's a real charming, magical place." Linda, USA

“I can highly recommend l’Ecole des Trois Ponts…My experience at the château was so wonderful, I am going back in May…The school is a great place to learn all aspects of the language and, importantly, get to know some very nice French people. I felt very much at home with the teachers & staff. I made new friends from all over the world.” Kathy, USA

What People are Saying about Frontenaud

"Thanks so much for turning me on to a great French experience!" Kriste, USA

What People are Saying about Montpellier

"The teacher was nice, very dynamic. Montpellier is a lively city. There's always something to do." Beverly, Hong Kong

"I made enormous progress in French at I.L.A. It's easy to practice with the Monpellierains. They are very welcoming and warm." Manja, Amsterdam

"I will always remember my excellent stay, especially my host family." Clemens, Switzerland

What People are Saying about Calvisson

" One of the highlights of our 6-week Europe trip! The group was from Japan, France, Germany...the food was excellent!" Melanie, USA

"It was absolutely delightful. Regis & Corrine are so wonderful. The food was incredible!" Linda, USA

"The farmhouse was very comfortable and clean. Regis was great. Meals were great. The people in the village were great. We'd go back in a heartbeat!" Gloria, Canada

What People are Saying about Bordeaux

" Bordeaux was by far the best. The family was remarkable. The school was excellent." Michelle, USA

"The school was very good. I enjoyed the small class size and the friendliness of the faculty and students. My professor did an excellent job… The best part of my stay was the family. It was a great chance to learn and live in a different culture. From the first day they made me feel welcome. The cuisine was absolutely delicious and the entire family entertaining and friendly…. I also enjoyed the excursions. Thank you for a wonderful learning experience.” Victor, USA (Standard course)

"They were wonderful. I learned a ton!" Eric, USA (Course in Teacher's Home)

"I enjoyed everything. A well organized program, and the wine critic was delightful.” Valerie, USA (Wine course)

"It was wonderful; it was grand!" Marguerite, USA (Course in Teacher's Home)

What People are Saying about Biarritz

" I could not have asked for a better family to spend a month with!" Graham, Canada

"The people in the school are very friendly and welcoming. The teaching is great and I really enjoyed the activities we did! My French has improved so much that at times I start thinking in French and speak with confidence. The family is very friendly and the children are fun to be with. Biarritz is very lively!" Alison, UK (teen program participant)

What People are Saying about Paris

"… For me, the best teachers, the best school, the most beautiful city in the world: c'est super!…"

"… A well-situated school in the center of Paris, an adorable host family: I'm returning next year…"



What People are Saying about Venice

" You designed a great program for me last year and it was such a success I am repeating a part of it again." Jeff, USA

“I am just back from Venice, and wanted to tell you asap how much I enjoyed the courses at the Istituto. The administrative staff and teachers could not have been lovelier, and everything was organized perfectly. The language course was extremely helpful and engaging, and I am particularly glad I enrolled in Art History as well, as it provided an opportunity to see things I would certainly have missed otherwise. The Hotel American was also a great recommendation in terms of amenities, price, and location. I can't wait for the next Eduvacation! Thanks so much again!” Penny, USA

What People are Saying about Rome

“ The lessons are dynamic and amusing. The school location is excellent.” Giampaolo, Brazil

“What makes Caio Italia pleasant is the teachers’ enthusiastic approach and dedication; they are nice and excellent tutors.” Marina, Great Britain

"The course has improved my Italian a lot and has also enabled me to find a job!" Klaus,

What People are Saying about Cooking, Wines & More in a Countryside Villa

What People are Saying
" I had a real good time! I learned a lot of what not to dos and a lot of history too. We went to little places I wouldn't go to normally. It is a beautiful place. I recommend it." Rita, USA

"We just wanted to send you our greetings and give a Thank You for the delightful time we had in the Cooking School. We look forward to staying with you again in the future." Dave and Kristin, USA

What People are Saying about San Giovanni Valdarno

“ Thank you for arranging a lovely sojourn in San Giovanni. I was so impressed with the language classes, overall organization, and excursions! Cooking was fun. All in all it was a great experience.” Patty, USA

"I really had a great time! In fact my sister came over and we stayed on in San Giovanni for another 6 nights and just drove all over the hilltowns from there. I really liked San Giovanni… You did a great job." Gayna, USA

"The teachers I had were absolutely great! In 2 weeks I had limited objectives, but each day I felt like I was making progress."

What People are Saying about Chianti Hills - Drawing, Painting, Watercolor

" It was absolutely delightful. Regis & Corrine are so wonderful. The food was incredible! Linda, USA

What People are Saying about Arts in Tuscan Chianti Region

“Thanks for a profound magical experience.”

“Words really are inadequate to describe the experience--it was truly special and I have very deep feelings that will stay with me forever.”

What People are Saying about The Tastes of Tuscany

" I never have had an experience like this in my other trips. Most tours and travel groups just take you "places." The Taste of Tuscany introduced me to the people behind the places and made me feel like a real insider." Donna, USA

"This trip was of terrific educational value to me, and the cost really did include everything. It was a trip of a lifetime, and I'm going again. I loved the Villa Marzalla, its beautiful location, and the staff and the Cecchi family [owners of the Villa] are exceptional people. I'll recommend this trip to all my friends. The staff of the Taste of Tuscany have really done their homework and come up with a great program." Anne, USA

“With the Taste of Tuscany we went places that I never would have known about if I were just a tourist. We ate at cafes that only the local people know about and were invited into people's homes, including the castle of a Count. The itinerary was terrific, we were never rushed nor jostled from one place to the next, and I'm looking forward to going again with a group of my friends.” Joyce, USA

What People are Saying about Florence

What People are Saying about Italian Food, Wine & Culture, 1 week to 1 year!
" I am writing for Danielle, to tell you she is having a great time in Italy. She loves the cooking and Italian classes and the city. She is thinking to return in the fall to learn Italian fluently." Danielle's mother, USA

"Just wanted to let you know that our daughter, Diana, returned this weekend absolutely thrilled with her two-week Cooking and Italian Languages program in Florence. She had a terrific, terrific time and is already thinking about her next eduVacation. Thank you for making all the arrangements." Diana's father, USA

"I'm so happy that I made the decision to come to Apicius last year and follow the wine expertise program. It has opened so many doors and opportunities for me!" Amanda, Canada

What People are Saying about Siena

" We liked the school very much. We found the people who work in the office very competent and friendly, while the director of studies and various teachers we had were all efficient and kind. The atmosphere, especially in the Cloister of San Domenico, was lovely and we really enjoyed staying in the city of Siena. Our best wishes to the school and all its staff." Otto


What People are Saying about Taormina

" Two years ago you arranged for me to study Italian in Taormina, Sicily, and it was WONDERFUL! I'm ready for another trip!" Sharon, USA

What People are Saying about Tropea

“ It was wonderful! The town was spectacular... the school was challenging and fun. The beaches were wonderful. It was a beautiful town in a beautiful part of the country.” Herb, USA

What People are Saying about Sorrento

" Sorrento Lingue was the best language program I’ve ever completed. The teachers are very knowledgeable and helpful and everyone is very kind. Thank you, Sorrento Lingue for a wonderful stay in Sorrento!"
Carissa, USA

"I loved Sorrento Lingue and have recommended it to other students in my Italian class at home. All the staff made me feel like an honored guest with unfailing care and personal attention. That the other students were a very diverse and interesting group, not to mention quite individually pleasant, greatly enhanced the experience. Most, though, I want to thank Roseanna, whose very skillful instruction, genuine warmth, and engaging charm made my time there very rewarding. I feel as if I have significantly advanced my language skills while having great fun." Judith, USA

What People are Saying about Biking & Hiking Tours with Ciclismo Classico

"Your guides are the greatest in the history of bicycle tours." Bill, USA

"This was our third cycling trip with you, and each one has been perfect. We owe it all to Ciclismo Classico. We tell many people about your single greatest quality- the roads that you choose! By picking the best routes, everything else falls into place. We just can't imagine riding without your guidance." Susan, USA

“Exquisito. I could never have planned a trip like this on my own... the
restaurants, hiking trips and cultural activities... grazi mille!” Julie, USA




What People are Saying about Malaga

“ I had a great time at the Malaca Instituto. Honestly, it was fabulous…We took weekend trips which was great and easy to do. I spent two weeks living on-site which was great – really nice, clean, and where everything is… I would highly recommend it. I learned a lot and had a lot of fun.” Dominique, Wellesley College

“The host family was great! Classes were good – very professionally run. My Spanish is far better. The activities staff always had stuff planned.”
Nick, Georgetown University

“I would never have thought it possible to learn so much in 4 weeks and furthermore in such an agreeable atmosphere and environment. All the team are friendly and efficient.” Francis, Business Executive

What People are Saying about Seville

" The teachers are very enthusiastic and interesting, I'm really happy!"

“I really like the school, especially the friendly people and the brilliant teachers. Thank you very much and I hope to see you soon.”

What People are Saying about Spanish Tailor Made in Barcelona

“ Carmen was wonderful. She really bends over backwards to make things nice for guests. Thanks for the great experience.” Sunny, USA

“The program was great! It couldn’t have been better!” Jan, USA

“Thanks again for arranging my fantastic eduVacation with Carmen this summer in Barcelona. If you ever need a reference just let me know. I’m glad I found eduVacations.” Sue, Educational Consultant

“I really enjoyed it. Carmen & her family were wonderful!” John, USA

“I had a great time with Carmen. Everything went well.” Vida, USA

“It went well. It was fantastic! Carmen is smart, personable, and great at what she does.” Wesley, USA



What People are Saying about Leysin

" I thought the French classes at Leysin were excellent! I wouldn't mind doing them again. I learned a lot. In 2 weeks I reviewed essentially 5 years of French study that I forgot plus started understanding spoken French. I was glad I took downhill skiing there. The instructor spoke excellent English (in addition to French) and was very patient and helpful. I brought my ice skates so ended up ice skating as well. The rental car was convenient and I'm glad I had it. I did a fair amount of touring on my own. It may not have been perfect French, but we communicated! Meals there were excellent and more than ample. Bottom-line, I really liked it, learned a lot, and enjoyed it, met a number of very pleasant and personable people. I would do it again." Eva, USA



What people are saying about Maceio

" The teachers, staff, and fellow students made the overall experience far exceed my expectations. I learned a lot of Portuguese and the extracurricular activities allowed one to see a lot. My host family was exceptionally nice. The people of Maceio were friendly
and sociable…the beaches can only be described using lots of superlatives." – Robert, USA

What people are saying about Buenos Aires, Argentina

" This program has been phenomenal!!! The classes are interesting. I've learned a lot from the other students as well who are from various parts of the world. My host family is incredible! They have been instrumental in getting me familiar with Buenos Aires, which is a fabulous city. The school staff is friendly, patient and has frequently organized activities. They are always willing to give us advice on everything from shopping to sightseeing." Dipti, India

“Once again, this was a great experience for me. Everyone is very friendly and goes out of their way to make sure the students are comfortable and happy.” - Carly, USA

What people are saying about Santiago, Chile

"For those who want to rapidly accelerate their language proficiency while at the same time having a wonderful vacation, I can't imagine that there is any better school in all of Latin America. The teachers were fantastic, the staff was friendly, helpful and always accommodating, and the many activities were well organized, educational, enlightening, and fun. Chileans are extraordinarily warm, kind, helpful and gregarious people with a true affinity for visitors desiring to learn their language." Alan, USA

What people are saying about Coronado, Costa Rica

“ Everything was great, the people were wonderful! I really recommend it.” - Gabriella

What people are saying about Queretaro, Mexico

“ Having studied Spanish in many schools throughout Mexico, Central and South America, I can say in all honesty that OLE is number one. The quality of instruction is superior, the instructors are caring, and the facilities are new, appropriate for learning and ample. I highly recommend OLE to all people who have a craving to learn Spanish in an environment that also is an enjoyment to be part of.” - Bud, Georgia

What people are saying about Xalapa, Mexico

“ The program was terrific and it was a great family. I wish I could stay longer.” – Janinne, USA



What people are saying about MOTORCYCLING 2 & 3 day Neo-Alpine Tours

“ If your aim is to learn the best way to turn a motorcycle on a real world highway with all of its uncertainties, Larry Grodsky is the guy to see.... There were lots of question and answer sessions, chalk talks given en route, and the highlight for many of us was the chance to ride pillion on Larry's GS through the twisties. This was universally considered to be both huge fun and simultaneously very instructive...Grodsky also emphasizes skillful riding to avoid traffic hazards, and spends a lot of time teaching how to read corners. You may think you're pretty good at this stuff, but ride a few miles with Grodsky behind you and you'll develop a sense of amazement at his ability to analyze traffic risks and to figure out what's happening in a corner long before you reach it. His training is based in part on an English system called "pursuit training," in which students are followed by highly experienced instructors with radios...this was the best motorcycle learning experience I've had, by a significant margin.” Jim, USA.

“Arrived home Tuesday evening safe sound and tired. It was a great weekend but much more intense and demanding than I had anticipated. I learned a great deal, not just about motorcycling, and I intend to build on it. You run a great course and it was obvious you work very hard and take it very seriously. I certainly came away with much more than I brought with me. Thank you very much, Larry.”—Bill, USA.

“I am a much smoother and safer rider due to your course. THANKS!”— Sam, USA.

“Just wanted to let you know what a great experience it was taking your course. The variety of instruction techniques, personal attention and direct feedback I got was terrific. I really appreciated the small groups and the personal commentaries from you and Leon. On top of all of that, it was just plain FUN!”—Bruce, USA.

“I had a great time on the tour. Thanks again for putting together such a valuable and interactive learning experience, Larry. It is evident that your love of motorcycling has fueled your desire to create new and useful ways to teach fellow riders. As a student, I find your commitment refreshing and inspirational and I appreciate your genuine efforts when other instructors may be more likely to teach their students like another "flock of sheep".”—Ken, USA.

“I want to thank both of you for planning and carrying out a successful tour in Wisconsin. Although some of the roads failed to meet your expectations (re. pea gravel), the graveled roads gave me an opportunity to ride on a road surface that I typically avoid. It was a good learning experience that I otherwise would not have had... The remainder of the roads also provided for a great learning environment... At least three of the valuable aspects (there were more than three) of this training that separates it from my previous rider class experience is the on-road/real life setting for the training, the real-time commentary that both of you provided, and the chance to experience first-hand (by riding on the back of your bike Larry) how an expert does it. This part of the training may not be your favorite Larry, but I was impressed by your speed control and set-up for corner entry. That was a brief but memorable experience!...Thanks again for a job well done!”—Tom, USA.

What people are saying about southern Utah
Photography workshops, jewelry and silversmithing, ceramics, excursions.

“ Thanks for a profound magical experience.”

Southwest Art Historic Trading Posts, Pueblo Mini-Workshops & Mother Nature

“ To be able to visit with potters in the pueblos and participate in a firing was the experience of a lifetime!”

"Really...when something surpasses your expectations, that's pretty great isn't it! This trip was just wonderful!”

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