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Liability and Terms & Conditions  

Liability and Terms and Conditions


EduVacations®, LLC works as an agent and reservation service for a limited number of “affiliates” (language schools, workshop and tour operators) who are making arrangements for transportation, accommodations, and other services. eduVacations, its agents, employees, and/or representatives, shall not be held liable for personal injury, death, property damage or accident, delay or irregularity arising out of any act or omission of the affiliate. Nor can eduVacations, its agents, employees and/or representatives, and/or the affiliate, be held liable for personal injury, death, property damage, accident, delay, or irregularity arising out of any act or omission of these suppliers.

There are risks and uncertainties inherent in any sort of travel, including, but not limited to, the hazards of various modes of transportation, forces of nature, acts or omissions of foreign governments, terrorism, war or insurrection, theft, illness, and damage to person or property.

The undersigned has read carefully “Terms & Conditions” set forth herein, recognizes and accepts any risk associated with the trip and the conditions including the refund and cancellation policies set forth below. In consideration of, and as part of payment for the right to participate in the trip, the undersigned, on behalf of himself/herself, his/her dependents, heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, agrees to release eduVacations and the affiliates, and their officers, employees, and agents, and/or representatives, from any and all liability for any loss, death, injury, obligations, costs, claims, judgments, attachments, and attorney’s fees, to person or property suffered by any person in connection with this trip.

By registering for this trip, the applicant certifies that he/she is mentally and physically capable of full participation in this trip.

Terms & Conditions

Reservations & Payment
Once you’ve decided on the trip(s) that interest(s) you, complete and submit the reservation form. Payments can be made by check, money order, Visa or Mastercard. You will receive an immediate reply acknowledging receipt of your form. A space in the program(s) selected will be held for you immediately contingent on the following: deposit received and availability. After we have checked and processed your submitted data, you will receive, within 2 business days, a Reservation Confirmation, including a “pass-code” to access information that will make coordinating your trip much easier. For final payment you will have the option to pay eduVacations with a credit card or check in US dollars, or pay the affiliate directly. Instructions will be provided in the Reservation Confirmation letter. If there is no availability in your program of choice you will be notified immediately and the deposit will not be processed. You may choose another program or dates.

For the correct deposit amount or deposit formula for your destination, refer to the Trip Planning Information section of your destination. You might find it helpful to print your destination page, as well as price and date information, before completing the Reservation form.

Participant Responsibility
It's the participant's responsibility to use this site to select an appropriate trip, to gather pre-departure information, to book transportation (ground and air), purchase insurance, process a passport and visa if needed, and make arrival arrangements. Once you receive your Reservation Confirmation you should proceed with trip planning as outlined in the letter. Under no circumstances shall eduVacations be held responsible for the planning of your trip, unless you have reserved a “Custom eduVacation”. Make use of the Resources provided on this site and the pass-code that you'll receive to access trip planning assistance. If problems arise while on your trip, it is your responsibility to inform the affiliate immediately and to request remedy. By disregarding this obligation, the duty of remedy is forfeited. Do not forget to get confirmation of your complaints in writing.

Arrival & Departure
If you are participating in a language, arts or cooking course with a Monday course start date, you should plan to arrive at your destination the day before classes begin (arrive Sunday) and leave on the day after classes are completed (usually Saturday). Remember, if you are flying from the U.S. to Europe, book your flight to leave the day before you need to be there. Some destinations include airport transfer service in the program price; if not, you can often elect this service as an add-on on your reservation form, or it can easily be added at a later date. The confirmation letter will address this further.

EduVacations will not assume responsibility or liability for any loss or damage of personal effects or for any injury or loss during the duration of the trip. Therefore, we highly recommend that you obtain baggage, health and or accident insurance, available in the Resources section of this site.

Cancellations, Changes, and Refunds
Over the years, on the rare occasion in which a customer could not make a trip due to an emergency, he/she rescheduled. This is a very good way to avoid significant losses and still have a great experience. You may apply the deposit toward a future reservation, if scheduled within a 12-month period. EduVacations serves as a reservation service that brings savings to you with a select group of affiliates. Your reservation is with the affiliate (unless you have booked a “custom eduVacation”). You undertake an agreement directly with the affiliate; you must arrange modifications and settle any cancellation and refund fees (excluding the deposit) of the respective affiliate regarding final payments. There is no refund for leaving a trip early or arriving late.

If you must cancel a program, prior to departure, due to a personal emergency and you can not reschedule, you can notify eduVacations in writing; we will review your claim and may issue a partial deposit refund, minus an administration fee.

If the program has to be modified or even cancelled because of higher force, failure of public transport, official arrangements, changes in the timetable, strikes, unrest or other mandatory reasons, this does not justify claims for restitution from eduVacations. If after reserving an eduVacation, the customer is refused a Visa, a full deposit will not be refunded.

Additional charges that may apply vary per destination:
• rush fees/late booking fees
• change fees, if changes in dates and accommodation are made
— These fees are rarely applied, but you should at least be aware that it could happen.

Cancellation of Invoice by eduVacations
In case of printing, writing or calculation errors on a confirmation or invoice, eduVacations reserves the right to cancel the invoice and re-issue it.

Changes in the Prices, Itinerary or Accommodations
Due to circumstances beyond our control, the affiliate you have chosen may have to make partial changes in your stated itinerary or accommodation. Every effort is made to keep changes to a minimum and to maintain prices and our standard of quality. Due to significant currency fluctuations, prices may change. You should know that the occurrence of changes are rare.

Prices are subject to change.  We do our best to keep our partner dates and prices current and correct.  Upon booking, you will receive a confirmation regarding both and notification if a price is slightly higher or lower.

Data Security
The booking data which you provide to us will be treated absolutely confidentially and only passed on to the affiliate to which you booked.

The desired type of accommodation will be selected and assigned by the affiliate, unless you have elected to make your own arrangements. You should receive detailed information about your accommodation from the affiliate prior to departure (if you book a “custom eduvacation”, the details will then come from eduVacations). Rarely are there problems with placements. If a problem arises, talk to the affiliate immediately regarding changing accommodation. Remember, it is important to all of us that you have a good experience; the affiliates will do their best to make it happen, just as you too must do your best to make it happen.

Get ready for a great trip!

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