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College Students
Families   Parent / Child
Adults over 50
Solo Travelers


College Students

eduVacations programs are available to high school and college students and teachers who wish to study abroad for a semester, summer or quarter in a variety of Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese speaking countries and earn transferable academic credit.

Students and teachers who wish to receive credit for eduVacations Language programs have the following options:

1. Pre-approval at your college or university:
Many times you can obtain credit for participation in an eduVacations program from your local university. This usually involves meeting with faculty from your Study Abroad or Foreign Language department. Sometimes your faculty will request a course syllabus or other information. Just let us know what information you need and we will be happy to assist you. Many of eduVacations’ partner schools have agreements with colleges and universities, whereby participants can earn academic credit for their language study.

2. Credit through fully-accredited U.S. universities:
eduVacations offers language programs approved by fully-accredited U.S. universities in: France (Paris, Biarritz, Bordeaux), Italy (Siena), Brazil (Sao Paolo & Maceio), Portugal (Lisbon & Faro) and Spain (Malaga, Seville, San Sebastian).

Click here for a PDF with full information.
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3. eduVacations Spanish Language Programs in Argentina (Buenos Aires) and Chile (Santiago):
All credit courses offered by our affiliate school, Latin Immersion, are certified by a nationally accredited university. Partner universities are the Universidad Marina Mercante in Argentina and Universidad Viña del Mar in Chile. Some of the universities/colleges that have already approved our programs are: Northwestern University, University of Indiana, Rollins College, Grove City College, Philadelphia University, Bowdoin College, Portland State University, University of North Florida, Santa Barbara City College.

Click here for a PDF with full information.
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4. eduVacations French Language Program in Chamonix:
Our semester program in Chamonix gives ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits and it is up to t-he student’s home university to decide the actual number of credits.

ECTS credits are a numerical value (between 1 and 60) allocated to course units to describe the student workload required to complete them. They reflect the quantity of work each course unit requires in relation to the total quantity of work necessary to complete a full year of academic study at an institution; that is lectures, practical work, seminars, tutorials, fieldwork, private study - in the library or at home- and examinations or other assessment activities.

In ECTS 60 credits represent the volume of work of one year of study; 30 credits normally correspond to a semester, and 20 to a tri-semester.

Click here for a description of the levels (0-400) used by our affiliate school, and their correlation with other systems such as the DELF/DALF units, the TCF (test de connaissance du francais) and the levels of the Council of Europe.

Upon completion of the semester program, the student receives an attestation with oral and written grades. All grades are given at a scale of 0-20 where a 10 means that the student has passed. The attestation is issued to students that have a final grade of 10 or more and a total attendance of at least 80%.

5. eduVacations French Language Program in Annecy:
Contact eduVacations for details and documents.

6. Credit through the Schiller International University in Switzerland (Leysin) and Germany (Heidelberg):
Schiller International University (SIU) is fully accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) to award associate, bachelor's and master's degrees. ACICS is listed as a nationally recognized accrediting agency by the United States Department of Education. Its accreditation of degree granting institutions is also recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accredition (CHEA). SIU is incorporated in the state of Florida, USA and is licensed by the Florida Commission for Independent Education to award associate, bachelor's and master's degrees.

Important details on Schiller International University programs (PDF)

SIU Application for Admission (PDF)
CP Language Institutes Application (PDF)
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For all transfer of credits from any of these options, it is necessary to check with your own university concerning their relevant transfer policies!


Families & Parent / Child

Why not give your children and yourself the opportunity of a lifetime to excel at a foreign language, broaden your horizons through a cultural immersion experience, and interact with an international student community? Or relax in Tuscany, bicycling, hiking, taking cooking lessons, guided visits. Or paint and draw together in southern France or Tuscany.

In some destinations kids and teens participate all day with their peers, adults with adults, and you all stay together in an apartment or hotel; or the whole family participates in their own private program together. But if there isn’t something organized for kids, keep in mind that eduVacations can be arranged for all ages if children attend private language lessons or receive day-care. We’ve had parents eduvacate with children as young as 2 1/2 years! A wonderful host in Annecy (the Alps) provided child-care while the mother attended French lessons.

You can click here for a sample list of some family eduVacations we coordinated for past clients, and view proposed trips. If you’d like to plan a trip like one you see listed, go to the program entry for that country and city. In the Trip Planning Information section you’ll find an “Instant email”. Send us a note explaining what you have in mind, include interests and ages of each family member, and preferred accommodation type.

The chart that follows will help you determine which trip you can do during winter, spring and summer holidays, as well as Thanksgiving and Christmas time; also, which trips accommodate your family members’ language levels, ages, and accommodation preference. With the information we’ve provided below along with the program details under each destination, and the “instant email” contact you should be able to plan your family eduVacation.

If, on the other hand, you would like us to plan the trip for you (Custom eduVacations), give us a call or send us an email and we will help plan an adventurous, instructional and unforgettable trip for your entire family!

For more information on, please view our

sample list of family eduVacations and a

chart of family eduVacations possibilities.



Break the fun barrier through a cultural immersion experience abroad while excelling at a foreign language, exploring new places, pursuing your special interests and making new friends from all over the world.

The following non-credit program list is for students who do not need University level academic credits.



-Teenage Summer Program (13-17 years old)


PARIS – FRENCH in the heart of Paris.
r) Program for Teenagers (13 to 17 years old)
s) Program for Teenagers (10 to 15 years old) Traveling with Adults


LOCHES - FRENCH in a small city south of Paris.
a) Academic Year (ages 12-19)
b) Summer Language & Activities (ages 12-18)
c) School Links Program for School Groups
d) Higher Vocational Diploma in Business Management (BTS Program)- 18 years & older
e) Pre-University Course (ages 18+)
f) Homestay with Lessons (ages 12 to 18)
g) Homestay Without Lessons (ages 12 to 18)
h) Transition Year (15 to 18 years old)


MALAGA – SPANISH by the Sea on the Costa del Sol.
j) Summer Course (16-20 year olds)


VEJER DE LA FRONTERA- SPANISH near the coast in southern Spain.
k) Summer Course for Teenagers 14-17 years


SAN SEBASTIAN – SPANISH by the Sea. Learn to surf!
h) Junior Summer Course (14-17 years)



QUERETARO– SPANISH in the heart of Mexico.
i) Kids & Teen Program (from 7 to 14 years old)


XALAPA – SPANISH in Veracruz
b) Summer camp


North America

English immersion camp (9-16 years old)


CANADA, ONTARIO –Toronto, a large cosmopolitan city.
f) English Summer Program


c) French, English or Spanish Immersion summer camp (9-16 years old)
g) Academic Year, French or English (16-17 years old)


Adults over 50

A large number of eduVacators are 50 and over. Typically, they participate in the programs available for all ages, 18 and up. However, for those over 50 who prefer the company of their contemporaries, we have special eduVacations especially designed for you!


MALAGA – Spanish Language & Spanish Culture by the sea
- Master Class (ages 55+)


SEVILLE - Spanish Language & Spanish Culture in a major historic center
-Master Class for Adults 50+



GUADELOUPE - French Language & West Indies Culture on a beautiful island
- Special Senior (ages 55+)



KITZBUHEL – German Language in a alpine mountain resort
e) Special Courses for Seniors



QUERETARO – Spanish Language & Mexican Culture in the heart of Mexico
l) Seniors Program


Solo Travelers

EduVacations make perfect trips for solo travelers! Once you arrive at your destination you’ll join other participants (often of many nationalities) who share your interests. In your free time, you can explore on your own, or with your new friends. Just choose a trip, or 2 or 3, and have a great time! Browse eduVacations.


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