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Sample list of Family eduvacations

French in Sainte-Anne, Guadeloupe (Caribbean)

Jane and her husband, Walter, traveled with their children (aged 9 and 5) and stayed at a host family close to the language school. The adults took a semi-intensive French course (group and private lessons) while the children attended the local children’s school in the morning. The whole family spent the afternoon together or participated in the school’s schedule of excursions and cultural activities. After their trip, Jane and Walter told us they really benefited from the classes and their kids really enjoyed spending time with the local children. Overall, it was a successful venture!!

Virginia and her husband, Bob, took a semi intensive French course in the mornings while their 10 year old son Adam attended the local middle school in the morning. They stayed with a very nice host family with three children around Adam’s age (accommodation in a bungalow in the family’s garden, 5 minutes’ walk from the beach). Their possible afternoon and weekend activities included: study visits, a guided hiking trip to the rain forest and volcano, waterfalls for a swim, a visit to a banana plantation, a drum maker at work. A real French & West Indies Cultural Family adventure!!

French in Annecy, France

Rebecca, with her 14 year old son, Max, stayed in a small studio apartment in the home of our favorite host family and attended language classes in the mornings. They participated in the school’s afternoon and evening cultural program and excursions and took some cooking lessons with their hostess. They also went sailing on the lake nearby, and enjoyed the beautiful garden and pool of their host’s house. Since they had a rental car, they also explored on their own.

Becky, and her 6 year old daughter, Isabel stayed at a studio apartment in the home of our favorite host family. Baby-sitting by the host was arranged for Isabel while Becky attended language classes in the mornings. In the afternoons Becky joined some of the cultural and recreational activities organized by the school with Isabel, or they just stayed in the house by the pool. Since they had a rental car, they also explored on their own.

French in Quebec (Canda)

Virginia and her husband, Bob, traveled with their child, Adam to Montreal. From there Adam was taken by the camp bus to an overnight French and activities program in Val Morin. Virginia and Bob stayed in Montreal and studied French.

Painting, Drawing, Watercolor in Calvisson, France

A mother and her 2 teen-aged daughters went to southern France for a week to participate in an arts workshop. Of their 6 weeks abroad, this was their favorite!

Spanish in San Sebastian, Spain

Brenda, with her 15 year old daughter Rebecca: Brenda attended an intensive language course in the morning, with excursions and recreational activities in the afternoon, while Rebecca attended the Summer Youth Program with language classes and activities. They stayed at a hotel near the beach and the language school, and they took half and full-day excursions to regional sites during the week and on the weekends, and participated in cultural activities such as museum visits, dance lessons, films, and evening discussions about Spanish culture.

Spanish Tailor-Made in Barcelona, Spain

Sally and her 12 year daughter Leah took our “Study and Live in your Teacher’s Home” eduVacation and combined it with sports. Sally took tennis classes while Leah went horseback riding at the stables only 5 minutes by car from their teacher’s home. They stayed with our favorite hosts in two single rooms with shared bath, 10 hours of language plus 3 half-day excursions and one-full day excursion, two meals per day, access to the sports & health club.

Ron, a wine distributor, with his wife and two daughters (aged 11 and 15) stayed and studied Spanish in their teacher’s home: language instructions in the mornings, afternoon guided excursions to wine cellars, natural parks, Sitges (a nearby old seaside town), family cooking lessons, full day excursion including a delicious meal of paella at a typical restaurant, access to the pool and sports club. A fun total immersion experience for the entire family!

Couple + two teens + mother-in-law; host family stay in three separate rooms; 2 meals/day; Spanish lessons (with emphasis on history, geography and culture, divided into levels as necessary); daily cultural visits (half and full day excursions); airport transfers; access to health club and swimming pool.

Mother with 2 children in bilingual school (aged 5 and 9); stay at teacher’s home; mother takes language classes at teacher’s home while children attend a sports club with local children during the morning (swimming and tennis lessons included); 2 meals/day; daily cultural visits (half and full day excursions); airport transfers; access to health club and swimming pool.

Italian in Siena, Italy

mother & 16 year old daughter; Italian lessons (20 hours/wk); 1 bedroom apartment 20 minutes on foot from school; access to organized recreational/cultural activities; cooking lessons & Italian Culture.



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