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April 25-May 1; Sept. 26-Oct. 2, 2004

Explore the tastes, sights, and aromas of Tuscany, and the incomparable beauty and sensuality of the region. Focus is on the foods and wines of the area, via a carefully planned itinerary that combines culinary exploration with historical, artistic, and cultural interests as well.

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$2400, including all meals, wines, restaurants, accommodations and service, group travel, guided tours, cooking classes, and entrance fees.


1 week:
April 25-May 1 or
Sept. 26-Oct. 2, 2004

Minimum age:

21 years old or accompanied by an adult

Getting there:

Pick up and drop off in Florence. Suggestions for other possible visits and assistance with planning transportation are available.

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Program Information
Program Details
The Tastes of Tuscany
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Program Information

What People are Saying

“I never have had an experience like this in my other trips. Most tours and travel groups just take you “places.” The Taste of Tuscany introduced me to the people behind the places and made me feel like a real insider.”  Donna, USA

“This trip was of terrific educational value to me, and the cost really did include everything. It was a trip of a lifetime, and I’m going again. I loved the Villa Marzalla, its beautiful location, and the staff and the Cecchi family [owners of the Villa] are exceptional people. I’ll recommend this trip to all my friends. The staff of the Taste of Tuscany have really done their homework and come up with a great program.”  Anne, USA

“With the Taste of Tuscany we went places that I never would have known about if I were just a tourist. We ate at cafes that only the local people know about and were invited into people’s homes, including the castle of a Count. The itinerary was terrific, we were never rushed nor jostled from one place to the next, and I’m looking forward to going again with a group of my friends.”  Joyce, USA

Cultural & Recreational Activities


Accommodation Choices

Your home base, the Azienda Agricola Marzalla, is a seventeenth century estate nestled in the hills above the village of Pescia, approximately 50km west of Florence and 12km east of Lucca. Agritourism, as it has become known, offers an opportunity to visit and stay in working, producing farm estates in Tuscany. Marzalla (a family-run business) produces the two famous staples of Tuscan life, wine and olives, which not only provide a lovely landscape for the guests but an opportunity as well to wander down farm lanes among the vines and olive trees, as well.

You’ll stay in the comfortable suites of the estate’s fully restored buildings. Each suite consists of a large double bedroom, full bath, sitting room, and a fully equipped kitchen. A lovely rustic garden area leads down to an olympic sized swimming pool. Meals will be served in the villa restaurant. Dominating the landscape of the estate is the large, noble, villa which has been the padronal home of the family of the current owners since the Seventeenth Century. A smaller Sixteenth Century villa, down the hill, completes the setting. Maximum Participants: 12

Program Details
Taste of Tuscany

Stay at the Villa Marzalla, a seventeenth century noble estate in the hills above the village of Pescia, 50km west of Florence. The Villa offers a blend of traditional Tuscan beauty with modern comfort and convenience. Morning and evening meals will be offered at Villa Marzalla’s professional restaurant and will emphasize traditional Tuscan cuisine. Midday meals will be in carefully chosen restaurants and trattorias that reflect not only the local delicacies, but also fresh, traditional food, grown and prepared within the region. These trattorias cater to the knowledgeable tastes of local people. The program stresses quiet comfort and unhurried pleasure.

Alternate days visiting sites with days for cooking classes, walks, and individual interests. All group travel will be in a chauffeur driven minibus with sufficient time allotted for shopping and exploration. Visits within cities are usually done on foot, so comfortable walking attire is recommended.

Smaller cities and towns have been carefully selected, not just to avoid the typical tourist crush, but to highlight places often overlooked by standard tours. Though some major cities of Tuscany are included, emphasis is placed on a few, well chosen sights within them.


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